Development EXPERIENCE

For three generations, Fairfield Homes, Inc. has led the industry with the design and development of over 70 communities and 3200 units. As an independent developer and development partner, we are versatile in our approach and believe each project is as unique as the vision behind it. Our collaboration of partnerships delivers innovative ideas, strategy, leadership, and guidance to create needed housing communities.


At Fairfield Homes (and our sister company, Gorsuch Construction), our success is due to the partnerships and relationships we built. Whether those relationships are with federal or state agencies, development partners, architects, engineers, non-profits, trade partners or community residents, we recognize that relationships matter.

Relationships and a commitment to integrity in everything we do is the secret to our success.

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How we
Develop Community

Collaborative & Complementary Capital

We believe that building community takes a village, and we're proud to partner with like-minded resources on each investment.

Broad Experience & Deep Expertise

We're proud to have earned vast knowledge with many funding sources, loan types, local and national housing authorities, and more!

Environmentally Sustainable Development

Developing with the environment in mind, we strive to use green building materials and methods to promote environmental quality, economic vitality, and social benefits.

Innovative & Strategic Partnerships

With intention and integrity in mind, we value partnerships with a similar mission - building community and changing lives.


Going beyond promoting better design processes, we're proud to improve the communities we serve with the intention of answering the call for more affordable housing in Central Ohio and beyond.

True Value & Purpose

At Fairfield Homes, changing lives and building community is at the very core of what we do. Our mission and core values drive every project, partnership, and initiative.



Fairfield Homes, Inc. has been building community for 75 years in Ohio and throughout the Midwest! Partner with us today and together, let’s change lives.