Embracing our 4-day workweek initiative by capitalizing on our efficiencies and staying committed to our mission.

4-day workweek: making it count

As a nod to our company mission, vision, and values, the 4-day workweek initiative was created to provide our teams with better balance and an increase in overall wellness and job satisfaction. Additionally, it allows us the opportunity to practice greater efficiency in our work and deliver better customer service to our valued residents, clients, and partners.

This significant initiative helped us shape and develop our 2023 Theme: Make it count! 

Team members standing together

Step 1: Conceptualize the theme

Together, we brought our 2023 theme to life and created a strategic plan to gain insight on how our 4-day workweek is working throughout the field.

Step 2: Pre-tour questionnaire

Making it count by planning ahead! Our new way of working is important to our teams' wellbeing, so we wanted to gain preliminary insight to ensure better dialogue.

Step 3: Drive feedback into action

Transparency is key. It's important that our teams feel confident to bring real obstacles and challenges to our attention so we can overcome them together.


The pre-tour questionnaire was our preliminary baseline to have better discussion during the tour. With any new initiative, there will be challenges to work through, and we received great initial feedback!


With open communication, we can make decisions together. 

We can collaborate on what is working and what isn’t.

Trusting leadership, and each other, will lead us to success. 

If we all commit, we’ll get through the challenges.


In addition to our tuition reimbursement program, training sessions were offered at our Annual Conference as requested throughout the tours.
Centralizing our Compliance Department relieves our field teams of some daily tasks, aligning with our goal of maximizing efficiency.
Processes & Communications
Incorporating efficiencies from a shortened workweek underscores the importance of streamlining our approach, especially in collaboration with vendors.
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2023 Recap: Making it Count

striving for new goals each year

In 2023, we collaborated, overcame challenges, upheld mutual trust, and above all, made it count, together. Our Thankful Tours throughout this year focused on understanding the impact and challenges that resulted from our new way of working. 

Keep an eye out for our theme in 2024 and beyond! Stay tuned as we adapt to the ever-changing housing trends, conquer challenges, and exceed our goals.