Pearl House

Pearl House is an affordable housing community serving the needs of homeless families recovering from drug and/or alcohol addictions. Residents experience apartment life and supportive services through the Recovery Center. Fairfield Homes, Inc. and the Lancaster-Fairfield Community Action Agency own the $5 million Pearl House and rent only to recovering people with children. Residents sign a lease and can stay as long as they meet certain criteria regarding their recovery.

Pearl House is the first permanent, supportive housing project in the state to become a certified Head Start location.

Testimonials from Our Visitors

“Out of this horrible epidemic, we’ve seen communities come together and break down barriers to recovery. We need to encourage replication of what’s working. Congratulations to your community for doing this.” – Governor Mike DeWine

“Pearl House is a model for other drug treatment and affordable housing communities.” – Senator Rob Portman

“Pearl House is an example of the power of supportive housing to help get former addicts on the right track, back into the workforce in recovery and living with their children, keeping families together.” – Representative Steve Stivers (OH-15)

“Pearl House contributed to this quadrant of the city because it was previously kind of a black hole. It’s an obviously well-maintained property and it was the building of Pearl House in this area that helped begin the revitalization of downtown.” – Mayor David Scheffler

“Obviously, housing is at the top of the list for biggest challenges with our parents when we talk about family reunification. […] We need to do a better job to keep kids here, in our community, with their schools, their churches, their friends and their families. Our challenge is that we need more of this model.” – Kristi Burre, Director of the Office of Child Welfare Transformation


Testimonials from Our Residents

“For the first time, our family has established a life with goals and we are now looking forward to home ownership. We never even thought about this before living at Pearl House.”

“Pearl House has allowed me to focus on myself while reuniting my family. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle, which can be hard when all you’ve known is addiction.”

“Pearl House gave me a safe home and a place to get clean. My son is doing better in school and can focus on having a normal life as a kid without having to worry about if his dad can pay the bills.”

“I don’t know where we’d be if it weren’t for Pearl House. It saved our lives. I mean the stress you have already with that lifestyle, so to be able to go somewhere safe, this is a blessing.”

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