Who We Are

Founded in 1947 by the late Frank L. and Mary M. Gorsuch, Fairfield Homes, Inc. is recognized as a major developer of single family homes and subdivisions, commercial construction, historic restorations, and multifamily housing.


In 1957, Fairfield Homes expanded its operations to include Property Management for the purpose of managing single-family rental properties constructed by Fairfield Homes. Since that time, the organization has expanded to provide management services to four segments of the housing industry: affordable multifamily housing, senior housing, permanent supportive housing, and conventional multifamily housing.


This diversity allows Fairfield Homes to apply its experience and expertise in the management of a variety of affordable housing programs at both the state and federal levels.

When Frank L. Gorsuch passed in 1959, his wife, Mary Gorsuch, continued the family business until 1969, when the company grew into the second generation with their son, Leonard Gorsuch, as CEO.